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Make Wonder STEM Center Suite

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Transform Your STEM Center with Make Wonder

The Make Wonder STEM Center Suite combines the power of the Make Wonder platform with the irresistible charm of 8 Dash robots and the versatility of our complete set of accessories (4 Gripper Building Kits, 4 Sketch Kits, and 4 Launchers).

Wonder Workshop's Make Wonder platform is the premier solution for teaching coding and robotics to K-8 students. Its comprehensive tools, including pre-built lessons and activities, make curriculum development quick and easy. With Make Wonder STEM Center Suite, tech centers can offer exciting, hands-on learning experiences with an on screen Dash robot in a vibrant virtual world and physical Dash robots in the classroom, sparking students' imaginations and preparing them for the future. This innovative platform keeps your tech center at the forefront of STEM education, nurturing critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity in every child.

Why Choose Make Wonder?

  • Virtual Dash Robot: Engage students with on-screen programming of a virtual Dash robot.
  • Interactive Coding Puzzles: Dozens of coding challenges to sharpen problem-solving skills.
  • Standards-Aligned Lessons: Access Coding Pathways (Levels A-F) and 60 math activities for grades 3-5, blending coding with core math skills.
  • Blockly Pro: Exclusive text-based (JavaScript) coding for advanced learners.
  • Hands-On Learning: 72 coding challenge cards for the physical Dash robot and cross-curricular lesson plans to boost critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity.

Experience the difference with a free trial of Make Wonder. Enhance your STEM teaching today!

Hardware Included:

  • 8 Dash robots
  • 4 Gripper Building Kits
  • 4 Sketch Kits
  • 4 Launch
  • 16 Building Brick Connectors

Key Features of Make Wonder STEM Center

  • 300 student accounts for individual progress
  • Progress tracking and classroom management for 3 teachers
  • Virtual Dash robot for each student on iOS 13+ and Chrome devices
  • Coding Pathways Lessons aligned to’s levels A-F, with instructional videos and challenges
  • Blockly Pro for transitioning from block-based coding to JavaScript with Dash
  • 60 standards-aligned math activities for grades 3-5
  • 72 digital Learn to Code Challenge Cards for use with the physical Dash robot

Cross Curricular Lesson Library

  • Cross-curricular lesson plans for the teacher, filterable by subject and grade-level

Online Course 

  • Enrollment for 3 teachers in our online professional development mini-course, “Introduction to Coding with Dash.”

Wonder League Robotics Competition 

  • Full access for 300 students and 3 teachers, to the missions and resources for the competition. Note: The competition for 2024-25 will begin in October of 2024. Visit our competition page for more details.

Make Wonder pricing not valid for resale. Pricing is valid for educational institutions and individuals who are the end users.