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What people are saying about our award-winning robots

We use Dash and Dot robots all the time in technology class! Lately, the kids have been using math skills to code the robots around obstacles and are having a blast! Thank you for a wonderful product!!

by Darci K.Verified Buyer

My little guy loves Dot Creativity Kit - works great with Dash, so much fun and hours of play.

by Megan G.Verified Buyer

Added another dash to my robot family! I was looking to add a 3rd robot to my personal robot/stem resources I have in my classroom. My other 2 dash robots have been a hit so it was a no-brainer to add a 3rd to my collection! 

by Tricia L.Verified Buyer

The puzzlets board really does make this an appropriate toy for a preschooler and eliminates the need for screen time to play with Dash. My son (and I) couldn’t be happier with this!

by Laura F.Verified Buyer

I am a 2nd grade teacher and we just got our sketch kit! My kiddos love using it to draw shapes and paths for Dash. I could see us using it during our maps unit, measuring, shapes, and could even use it to help retell a story. It's very easy to use and the clean up is SOOOO easy!

by LindseyVerified Buyer

I am an Instructional Technology Coach for my district and help teachers implement STEAM activities. This Sketch pack far exceeded my expectations. Not only does the A in STEAM become relevant, there is a LOT of opportunities for students to create and not just be consumers. I loved how my students have to work collaboratively and problem solve!

MBrownEdTechVerified Reviewer

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What people are saying about our robots

Cue comes with a new AI engine that lets code-curious kids actively engage with the robot (and its four different avatars) via a text-based chat function that includes a vocabulary of more than 170,000 words.


BB8 better watch its back because it’s got some cute competition…