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PD Course: Introduction to Coding and Robotics with Dash


This 15-hour professional learning online course, designed for elementary school teachers, provides a broader understanding of how coding and robotics fit into your everyday teaching. 

Following your course purchase, you will receive a CoAssemble platform login where you will complete the course. 


Welcome to Wonder Workshop

  • Ready, Set, Code with your Dash robot!
  • Our Suite of Apps & Accessories
  • Our Educator Resources

The Evolution of EdTech

  • Introduction
  • How Tech-Savvy Are You?
  • The History of Edtech
  • The History of Edtech Sorting Activity
  • The History of Edtech Timeline
  • Your Edtech Adoption: SAMR & DOK Models
  • A WONDER-ful Wrap-Up

Personalizing Pedagogy

  • Introduction
  • Learn Theories 101
  • Have a Theory About Theorists?
  • The ABC’s (well, VAKs) of Learning Styles
  • Active Approaches to PBL
  • A WONDER-ful Wrap-Up

Pathways to Computer Science

  • Introduction
  • Robots All Around Us
  • Coding As the New Literacy
  • Gender Stereotypes  in STEM
  • A WONDER-ful Wrap-Up

Making Room for the 4 C’s

  • Introduction
  • Classrooms Around the World
  • A Culture of Collaboration
  • Maker Mindsets
  • A WONDER-ful Wrap-Up

Transforming Daily Instruction

  • Introduction
  • Peering into the Design of a 21st-Century Classroom
  • Moving Forward with Backward Design
  • Creating Learning Objectives
  • Assessing Assessments
  • A WONDER-ful Wrap-Up

Dash in the Classroom

  • Introduction
  • Robot Warm-Up
  • Ready for Robot Guts?
  • Uncovering Dash
  • Setting Up Your Classroom
  • Fostering a Coding Culture

Your Implementation Plan

  • Our Scope and Sequence
  • Make Wonder Curriculum
  • Make Wonder
  • More Educator Resources
  • Personalizing Your Implementation
  • Classroom Implementation
  • School Implementation
  • A Fond Farewell