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Make Wonder with Dash Robots

Make Wonder with Wonder Packs

What is Make Wonder?

With Make Wonder, we simplify the process of creating a coding curriculum for anyone, regardless of experience. Teachers can set up a virtual classroom with a profile for each student, assign pre-built lessons and activities from a menu of fun challenges and exercises, and track progress using the detailed teacher dashboard. Students’ eyes will light up as they embark on coding adventures with virtual Dash in a vibrant 3D world, or as a programmable robot right there in the classroom.

A paid subscription unleashes all of the features and benefits of Make Wonder, but it's also easy to get started with the Free Tier that enables teachers to set up accounts inside of Blockly so that students can maintain their own progress through the puzzles (and teachers can track that progress).

Get started by signing up for a Free Tier account today and see how Make Wonder can help you Make Wonder with your students this year.
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What Else is Included in a Make Wonder Subscription?

Online Course
Introduction to Coding and Robotics with Dash contains several modules totaling 15 hours for teachers to complete at their own pace. Educators can dive into theory and practice new concepts with creative and reflective learning activities.
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Cross-curricular Lesson Library
Access our database of lesson plans that can be implemented across all core subject areas, from math and science, to English and social studies. Now you can apply coding and robotics concepts across the curriculum in grades K-8.
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Wonder League
Each year, the Wonder League Robotics Competition today gathers teams in two age groups (Ages 6-8 and 9-12) and presents five missions designed to spark creativity, encourage collaboration, and engage participants in real-world problem-solving.
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Learn to Code Curriculum
Access our comprehensive Learn to Code Curriculum with 36 lesson plans spanning Levels A-F. Teach Sequences, Loops, Events, Conditionals, Functions, and Variables. Step-by-step instructions lead you through each lesson. Each Level also includes a Final Assessment.
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