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Summer of Wonder Pack

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Prevent summer slide with this special Wonder Pack bundle available exclusively here on our online store. It includes our full suite of accessories as well as a summer-long license to Class Connect* for one teacher (or parent) and five students. It provides an ideal way to bring coding to life all summer long for kids in grades K-5.

This pack puts the A back in STEAM by including Sketch Kit, the harness and marker which turns the award-winning Dash Robot into a drawing machine. Also included are a Launcher, the Gripper Building Kit, and a pair of  Building Brick Connectors.

Using one of Wonder Workshop’s free apps, like Blockly or Wonder, kids program Dash to move, sing, dance, flash its lights, respond to voices, make sounds, and even tell a story. Dash does not contain a camera. 

Throughout the summer, children can learn coding concepts like sequencing, events, loops, algorithms, operations, and variables through self-directed play and guided challenges.

The 5-student summer license to Class Connect provides access to a Virtual Dash robot that is programmable onscreen as well as student accounts in the Blockly app, full access to our suite of Coding Pathways online coding lessons, and tons of assignable and trackable activities.

Hardware included:

1 - Dash robot
1 - Sketch Kit
1 - Launcher
1 - Gripper Building Kit
2 - Building Brick Connectors

Software Included:

Class Connect 

  • 5 student accounts so kids can share devices while preserving their own progress as they work through puzzles and activities
  • Progress tracking and student management for one teacher or parent
  • Virtual Dash to use inside of Blockly. Kids program Dash onscreen in a rich 3D environment (for iOS 13+ devices and Chrome on the web)
  • Coding Pathways, our new, multimedia coding lessons aligned to’s levels D-F. Kids watch instructional videos and complete coding activities based on the lessons.
  • 60 standards-aligned Math activities for grades 3-5, assignable inside of Class Connect, accessible to students in their Blockly app for use with the Virtual Dash or a physical Dash Robot.
  • 72 Digital Learn to Code Challenge Cards from the Challenge Card Box Set, assignable inside of Class Connect, accessible by students in their Blockly app, for use with the physical Dash Robot

Cross Curricular Lesson Library

  • Premium lessons, filterable by subject and grade-level

Online Course 

  • Enrollment for 1 teacher or parent in our Teach Wonder online professional development mini-course, “Getting Started with Dash & Dot”

Wonder League Robotics Competition 

  • During the summer, parents (or teachers) can access Wonder League Missions from previous years and challenge their kids to solve them.

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*This special, summer Class Connect license is valid from purchase until August 31, 2023.