K-3 Bundle
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The K–5 Classroom Pack has everything you need to make coding and robotics a success in your classroom. Experience our award-winning Dash and Dot robots, accessories, and curriculum designed for K–5 learners. 

This bundle also includes a one-year subscription to Class Connect. Combining an always-on progress dashboard, a virtual robot, and just-in-time curricular resources like our brand-new collection of standards-aligned math activities, Class Connect enables teachers to do more with Dash and use coding to reinforce core curriculum concepts in challenging and innovative ways. 

This pack includes:

  • 3 Wonder Packs:
    • 3 - Dash robot
    • 3 - Dot robot (blue)
    • 3 - Launcher for Dash
    • 3 - Xylophone for Dash
    • 3 - Accessories Pack for Dash and Dot
    • 3 - Building Brick Extenders
    • 3 - Set of rabbit ears and tail
  • 1 Learn to Code Challenge Cards box set
  • 1 Learn to Code Curriculum Guide
This pack also includes a 12, 24, or 36-month subscription: 
  • 1-teacher/35-student access to Class Connect and Dash's Neighborhood (now available for Free Trial at portal.makewonder.com).
  • Access to our premium cross-curricular lesson library.
  • Teach Wonder professional development course, "Intro to Coding and Robotics with Dash & Dot."