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Make Wonder School with Dash

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Introduce students to the wonder of coding and robotics with the award-winning Dash robot, our standards-aligned coding curriculum, and a school license for all teachers and all students to access the features of Make Wonder.

With Make Wonder, students learn to code with pre-built interactive lessons. A detailed teacher dashboard records progress and provides guidance on how/when to help each student. 

Make Wonder with Dash is the only coding and robotics solution that provides both a virtual robot in a vibrant 3D environment and physical robots to enhance the learning experience.  

Using Wonder Workshop’s free apps, like Blockly or Wonder, students program the physical Dash to move, sing, dance, flash its lights, respond to voices, make sounds, and even tell a story. 

And now with Blockly Pro as part of your Make Wonder subscription, Dash robots and the students who program them, can transition to text-based coding and more advanced challenges. In Blockly Pro, students can toggle between Blocks and JavaScript to bridge the gap while they are learning.

Dash does not contain a camera.


  • 12 Dash Robots (plus charging cables)
  •  24 Building Brick Connectors
  • 12 USB charging cables

Make Wonder Features 

  • Accounts for all teacher and students at one school so kids can share devices while preserving their own progress as they work through puzzles and activities
  • Progress tracking and classroom management for the teacher
  • Virtual Dash (for iOS 13+ devices and Chrome on the web)
  • Lessons aligned to’s levels A-F with instructional videos and coding challenges
  • Blockly Pro, which transitions students from Block-based coding to JavaScript while still programming Dash
  • 60 standards-aligned Math activities for grades 3-5, assignable and trackable
  • 72 Digital Learn to Code Challenge Cards from the Challenge Card Box Set, for use with the physical Dash Robot

Cross Curricular Lesson Library

  • Premium lessons, filterable by subject and grade-level

Online Course 

  • Enrollment for 1 teacher in our online professional development mini-course, “Introduction to Coding with Dash.”

Wonder League Robotics Competition 

  • Full access for 35 students, to the missions and resources for the competition. Note: The Wonder League Robotics Competition generally runs from October - February for the main competition and March - May for the Invitational Round. Visit our competition page for more details.

Onboarding Support

  • Purchasers of a Make Wonder School with Dash are given the opportunity to meet 1:1 with a member of our Customer Success team to ensure smooth onboarding and implementation.

*Clever integration is available for Make Wonder School subscriptions. 

*Buying for the district? You will need to purchase Make Wonder School for each school. Use the custom quote form below to indicate your district-level need.

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Make Wonder pricing not valid for resale. Pricing is valid for educational institutions and individuals who are the end users.