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Dash Robot + Sketch Pack Bundle


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Our award-winning Dash robot with Sketch Pack is the ultimate STEAM bundle for kids.

Dash makes learning to code fun! Responding to voice, navigating objects, dancing, and singing, Dash presents your kids with hundreds of projects, challenges, and puzzles as well as endless possibilities for freeform play.

The Dash Robot comes with a 1-year Class Connect Home Edition Subscription (for 2 kids). Five (5) free mobile apps are available on the Apple App Store, Google Play store, and the Amazon (Kindle) App store.

Sketch Pack includes a Sketch Kit, a Whiteboard Mat, and a Marker Refill Kit for hours of creative play. Sketch Kit helps kids express their creativity and exercise their critical thinking and spatial reasoning skills as they draw geometric shapes, patterns, words, and more.

This bundle includes:
1 - Dash robot
1 - Sketch Kit
1 - Whiteboard Mat
1 - Marker Refill Pack
1 - Class Connect Home Edition Subscription


What’s in Class Connect Home Edition?

  • Our Virtual Dash robot inside of Blockly for 1:1 coding in a rich 3D environment (iPads or Chromebooks).
  • 2 accounts in Blockly so a pair of kids can share a device while preserving their own code as they work through puzzles and activities in Blockly
  • Progress tracking and management of the 2 kid accounts
  • Coding Pathways multimedia lessons for levels D-F
  • 60 standards-aligned Math activities
  • A collection of premium, cross-curricular lessons, filterable by subject and grade-level
  • Access to our online course, “Getting Started with Dash & Dot”
Go here to learn more about Class Connect

*In a classroom setting, you may need to upgrade your Class Connect subscription to a Teacher Success Pack, which includes a license for 1 Teacher and 35 students.

2-student licenses cannot be combined.

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