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Wonder Workshop helps kids engage with technology in an open-ended and significant way – it’s not just a robot, it’s real-world problem solving.

Dash Robot
Learn to Code
Dash robot offers an open-ended learning platform that makes tech knowledge simple and accessible, helping kids grow into confident creative architects.
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Cue Robot
Applied Robitcs
Cue provides three ways to code—block-based, JavaScript, and our breakthrough programming language, Wonder—giving students of all skill levels the ability to develop their coding and robotics knowledge. 
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Dot Creativity Kit
Kids will learn about robotics and develop fundamental coding and problem-solving skills while having fun. Dot’s projects range from crafting, active play, to storytelling and construction.
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It’s more than learning to code. It's an integrated solution.

Robotics Competition
Wonder Workshop’s Robotics Competitions has reached more than 24,000 kids around the world, providing opportunities for kids to work together, helping everyone learn and evolve.
Content + Curriculum
Our five free apps are filled with 100s of challenges for self-guided fun. Plus, we have lesson plans that help students practice fundamental coding concepts that align with the following standards: CSTA, ISTE, NGSS, and Common Core.
Teach Wonder
Our professional development program–Teach Wonder–supports educators as they integrate coding and robotics skills into everyday teaching and learning. 
Wonder Workshop Awards

Enjoy extra content and value pricing with our bundled options.